Best Plugins To Do SEO On Page

Best SEO Plugins

It is interesting that you keep in mind that a small percentage of people go to the second page of a search engine like Google. Almost 10% continue to search the 2nd and 3rd page of results. This is a supremely low percentage.

It is precisely for this reason that you should focus on finding techniques that allow you to be in the first places and thus be able to access your website and your content easily.

Some of these techniques include the use of plugins. That is why we have researched and we have made a filter of the best plugins that you can use in your web page and in this way make sure that both users and search engines will find your content.


Before starting, it is important to take into account the difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. The SEO techniques that you perform on your web page, and that you have total control over them, are called SEO on Page. SEO techniques and that there are links that direct you to your website and content, is called SEO Off Page.

Having clear these two concepts, you know then that these plugins or insertion that you do directly in your content and structure of your web page.


When consulting which are the best plugins we find most are for WordPress. We have found that there are both free and paid plugins. It is important to bear in mind that there are thousands of plugins in the WordPress platform, so it is important that you know these three essential and indispensable plugins in your web page:


, This plugin is indispensable on any WordPress page. It will allow you to get along with Google definitely. One of the best features is that it’s free. You can access your Google XML Sitemap link to install it immediately. It is the first steps you must take to optimize your web page.

Additionally, Google XML Sitemap has the following specific characteristics:

  • This plugin allows you to create a special XML Sitemap, which allows search engines to index you more easily. Basically, this is the main objective and is what you are looking for by including plugins in your web page.
  • Supports virtually all content in WordPress.
  • Inform search engines of changes to your website through ping.


Another of the most recommended plugins for WordPress is SEO by Yoast. It is important to keep in mind that it is considered one of the most important and best rated on the web. You can access the WordPress link to access Plugins, and verify that you have maintained a rating of 5 for several years. It is also free and you do not need to have advanced knowledge of systems to install it.

It allows you in a general way, to structure your website and your content in a better way so that search engines can see the complete structure of your web page. This plugin also allows you to select and choose your keywords better and ensures you use it correctly.


It is a very complete plugin, which allows you to perform the following actions:

  • It helps you write your content better: You can see through a preview of your post or article, and how it would look in the search results. This allows you to check if a title is too long and if you need to modify it.
  • Analyze the page: you can easily review your keywords. Also help to write titles and meta descriptions, allowing us to have a better optimization of our contents.
  • It helps you to perform technical optimization: this plugin allows you to review permanent links. It also allows you to optimize automatically and insert Meta tags so that search engines find us more easily.
  • Create XML Site Maps: this is one of the most important features of SEO by Yoast. You must activate this function so that we can automatically create maps of the XML site so that Google and other search engines can have knowledge of our existence and in turn can easily index us.
  • You can import and export: SEO by Yoast allows you to import and export the plugin easily to other websites or blogs that you have.


Another of the recommended plugins in WordPress is All in One SEO. This plugin has the following specific characteristics:

  • It allows having a support of the site in XML since it sends the map of the site to the search engines directors and improves the indicators of SEO.
  • Control and optimize the titles of our web pages, entries, and their contents.
  • It helps us generate Met tags, which include the titles, the description and the keywords we use.
  • This plugin allows you to perform manually for each entry and for each web page.
  • It will automatically notify Google and other search engines of the changes that have been made to your website.
  • It is unique in having SEO integration with other e-commerce websites, this being a very interesting feature compared to other plugins.
  • Prevent you from having duplicate content on other sites designed in WordPress.
  • It is translated into more than 57 languages, allowing to be one of the 3 most complete plugins to perform SEO on Page.

All the plugins mentioned here (Google XML Sitemap, SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO) have interesting tutorials, both text, and video, that allows you to easily include them in your web pages.

Once you have these plugins installed on your website, it is important that you consult other options to use in WordPress and that they specialize in a specific SEO technique. Mostly SEO consultant Dubai also uses this technique because its improve the authority of the website, the percentage of bounce or CTR (Click through Rate), or to improve the link building.

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