Trends in Web Design for 2018

With the new year just around the corner, we want to offer you an article with web design trends for 2018 . You have to be clear that when we consider developing a website or renewing the existing one, the goal should be to balance the aesthetics with the functionality of the website. It is true that it is an act sometimes difficult, but if done well, you will increase user participation and get higher conversion rates.

Mobile-oriented design

Web design optimized for mobile devices has increased in recent years, is an upward trend since currently about 60% of all searches are made from mobile devices . In addition, Google has announced that during the year 2018 will launch Mobile First going to give more importance to the mobile version than the desktop and put the well optimized sites for mobile in the search results .

The implementation of AMP should also be considered , which allows websites to be loaded quickly on mobile devices. We users are increasingly impatient and we want everything to the second.

Starting from this base in which the mobile-oriented development should come first, the trends in 2018 revolve around it with simple and clean designs .

Minimalist design

Although in 2017 this trend began, in 2018 it is the maximum.

Users are increasingly impatient, so you have to get at all costs that a web load fast especially on mobile devices. One way to achieve this is to decrease the load of graphic elements.

The lightweight designs and agile load make the optimization and speed of the page is much better , what Google and other search engines will thank us. A faster loading time means that Google will consider us better for the positioning, also increase the chances that users stay on the website for longer, which will lead us to improve the percentage conversion rate.

A minimalist design does not have to be sad or boring, the tendency is to use bright colors with contrasts and linear illustrations creating attractive designs for the user.

Irregular grid

The majority of currently existing templates for WordPress content managers are designed in a grid with designs worked in columns. At the beginning of 2017 the CSS grid began to be introduced. This type of grid is a much more powerful system that allows to work in both columns and rows.
The trend in 2018 is to use more irregular grid layouts, blank spaces that make content stand out and easy to read and navigate , which helps users stay longer on the website.

Expressive typography, bright colors and bold fonts

In 2018 the designers will have to give free rein to their creativity with typography . The tendency in typography is to use bold font styles along with blanks , play with striking typographies and bright colors facilitating the user’s reading. The use of banner, images and heavy heavy buttons must be reduced, giving way to typographical expressions. The benefit of making a custom website design based more on fonts is that, when scaling the font size, it does not affect the performance for mobile devices , besides avoiding the loading of too many images.

At the color level, flat colors are changed by multicolored gradients in good combination and harmony.

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